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​The first monastery of the Order of SS. Savior of Saint Bridget was founded in 1369 when St. Bridget sent delegates to set up a monastery in the royal castle of Vadstena, donated to her by King Magnus Eriksson. Soon Brigittine monasteries spread throughout Europe. In the reform period, the Order founded by St. Bridget came to a halt in its spread and began a slow decline. 

It was not until the 20th century that a return to the full spirit of the Rule of St. Bridget was implemented by the Blessed Mother M. Elizabeth Hesselblad, a convert to Catholicism from Swedish Lutheranism.


The successful synthesis of active and contemplative life has allowed a balance that well before the Second Vatican Council has marked the fledgling community, because it is based on careful attention to the Word, in the exercise of apostolate and in religious education, on a Christocentrism understood as a pivot of the Church's life and a strong emphasis on the Eucharistic dimension. 


The Bridgettine charism of the Blessed Mother M. Elizabeth Hesselblad is currently engaged in the following countries: Italy, Switzerland, England, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, India, Palestine, Israel, Philippines, Indonesia, USA, Mexico and Cuba.


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